The Paphos Kidney Association is a non-profit making association formed in September 2000, licensed by the Cyprus Government.
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What does the Paphos Kidney Association do?

The purpose of our group is to support all those that attend Paphos Renal Unit and all other Renal Units in the Paphos district, by raising funds for equipment. We also assist people from around the world with kidney problems who wish to visit Cyprus, and are concerned about continuing their treatment whilst here.
We work in cooperation with hospitals that provide dialysis and try to allay any concerns for patients who have to come to terms with a life-changing future. The prospect of dialysis is frightening to say the least. Any queries beyond our scope of knowledge are referred to one of many medical staff with whom we are in contact.
Kidney problems will not go away, and with luck, neither will we. Among the 60 million people with kidney problems, hundreds of thousands die every year, but we are trying to bring the problem to peoples’ attention, but it is very difficult unless they have personal contact with a sufferer. Kidney disease can be avoided in many cases. We are here to try to get that message across.

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