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Funds urgently needed for Paphos kidney patients

By Bejay Browne

THE RENAL UNIT at Paphos general hospital is in urgent need of further dialysis machines to keep up with the demand for the life saving treatment which is being used by an increasing number of patients.

Graham Brown, 64, is one of many patients who need regular dialysis treatment to keep him alive. He is also the treasurer of the Cyprus Kidney Association expats, a non profit charity set up in 2000, primarily to raise funds to purchase equipment for the renal unit.

According to Brown, each dialysis machine comes with a 25,000 euro price tag and the registered charity is hoping to raise enough money to purchase at least one in the coming months. The charity has already helped to kit out the facility with all sorts of other equipment.

“Since 2000, we have bought oxygen masks, blood pressure monitors and a crash trolley. More recently, we have donated specialised beds, ECG machine, specialised patient weighing machines and a state of the art portable scanner,” Brown said.

The charity has also provided computers and office equipment for the medical team as well as televisions for the patients to help relieve the boredom of their treatment.

Brown, like many other kidney patients, needs to have dialysis treatment three times a week. Without it he would die within days. It takes around five hours for the process to be completed each time.

He said that the expat kidney organisation shouldn’t be confused with the Cyprus Kidney Association, which was set up in 1984 and concentrates on looking after families of kidney sufferers.

“We felt there was a need to purchase machines and other vital paraphernalia,” he said. “I wanted to try and do something positive; there is no cure for me and others like me,” he said.

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